Successful projects are based on scientific expertise, the highest level of compliance with customer requirements, and mutual trust.

At Holodiag we value close collaboration with our customers and open communication at all stages of the development process. We reckon reactivity and responsiveness to customer requests, from quote to delivery. Collaborations are based on strict confidentiality. Flexibility is key.

Our customer-oriented approach is at the heart of our business. Our dedicated team is committed to providing best-in-class products and services, and establishing long-term relationships that are built on trust.


At Holodiag we attach highest importance to in-time delivery of projects, in compliance with customer’s specifications. Collaboration with our customers is based on regular reporting.

We have established internal procedures that allow to manage the qualification, calibration and control of devices. Strict quality control is conducted at every step of the development process to ensure safe products. Studies performed within our laboratory are carried out according to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) requirements.


Strict rules and special measures apply within our laboratory to prevent Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) hazards. All team members have received special training to ensure safety and protection of laboratory personnel and the environment. Our scientific team has been trained to handle toxic and hazardeous chemicals.

We systematically minimise raw material consumption, reduce waste and the use of hazardous products whenever possible. Aqueous waste is retreated in total compliance with HSE standards.

Technology transfer

Partnerships are based on trust and strict confidentiality. We offer customer exclusivity and strong IP protection. All our customers own their Intellectual Property and their IP will never be shared with others.

Holodiag provides integrated processes from pre-development to production. All solid state analysis are delivered with a detailed report containing all the relavant comparisons, bibliographic search and conclusions. All solid state studies and crystallization process development projects are thoroughly tracked and filed throughout the process to ensure full traceability and enable easy technology transfer.

Holodiag is certified R&D Tax Credit (CIR) Organizations.