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The research tax credit (CIR) is a fiscal support scheme for French companies’ R&D activities. It allows them to finance a part of their R&D and innovation activities. Holodiag holds the certification. Feel free to ask us for our certificate.

Why you should choose Holodiag ?


Strict confidentiality, engaged to best-in-class customer support

Open Communication

Dedicated team committed to open communication at all stages


Strong expertise in polymorphism, enantiomer separation, thermodynamics & phase diagrams

Scalable Process

Industriazable and scalable crystallization processes at laboratory scale

Dedicated CRO

15+ years dedicated to solid state and crystallization


Strict quality control for services in line with customer requirements

Technology Transfer

Customer exclusivity and strong IP protection

Regulatory Compliance

EP/USP/ICH as reference rationals, supporting data for your IMPD/DMF

Let's meet !

Meet the twins !

New investment

A second X-Ray Powder Diffractometer from Malvern Panalytical has joined Holodiag‘s lab !

We are exhibiting !


If you are in Basel these days, come and meet us on booth #10 at Congress Center Basel