Physico-chemical properties investigations

Once a solid state is highlighted through solid state screenings, our scientists investigate the physico-chemical properties of the new solid form:

  • Physical stability (e.g. stable/metastable hierarchy, hydrates vs Relative Humidity (RH), hygroscopicity)
  • Chemical stability (e.g. various stress conditions, temperature vs. RH)
  • Solubility from evaluation to advanced profile
  • Dissolution (e.g. Intrinsic Dissolution Rate (IDR), amorphous behavior)

At Holodiag we have in-depth scientific expertise in developing solid forms that will meet all stability requirements including process, storage, transportation and environmental conditions on the targeted market place.

Our team is made up of specialists in thermodynamics and phase diagrams. This allows us to have a meticulous approach of phase equilibria phenomena and thus master solubilities determination, dissolution and scale-up issues.

Physico-chemical properties investigations are essential for the development of formulations and of any crystallization process. We proceed to full solid state and physico-chemical characterization analyses on selected phases after scale-up. We can then direct the choices towards the most appropriate crystallization processes.