Karl Fischer, pH/pKa & Potentiometry

Karl Fischer

Holodiag owns a V20 (Mettler) automatic volumetric titration system.

The Karl Fischer method allows for accurate water titration by specific oxydo-reductive reaction. A typical application is the determination of hydrate stoichiometry.

pH/pKa & Potentiometry

Holodiag performs pH titration and pKa measurements in aqueous solutions, in water/organic solvent mixes and in pure organic solvents. Data can then be extrapolated to aqueous solutions if needed.

Acidic and basic moieties are widespread among pharmaceutical molecules. Measurements of pKa values are thus essential for the development of crystallization processes, as they enable mastering the pH and thus ensure stability of the Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API). It is also a necessary step for the formation of salts.

Other titrations are also possible, such as chloride ion titration by silver electrode.