FTIR-ATR, Ultra-Violet & Polarimetry

Infrared FTIR-ATR

Holodiag owns a Nicolet iS5 (ThermoFisher) spectrometer to quickly and accurately perform infrared spectra. The Attenuated Total Reflection (ATR) system with diamond window allows to easily analyze powders and liquids. Specific investigations such as API/excipients compatibility can be carried out by infrared (IR) spectroscopy.

Our FTIR-ATR system is enclosed in a safety hood and we can thus safely analyze toxic samples (0.1 µg/m3).

Ultra-Violet spectroscopy

We also own a Lambda 25 (Perkin Elmer) Ultra-Violet spectrometer. Our UV spectrometer can perform UV-visible spectra and accurately measure absorbance values. Its main applications are the determination of λmax and solution concentration monitoring.


Holodiag owns a Model 341 (Perkin Elmer) polarimeter for the analysis of chiral molecules. Optical rotation measurement equipment are particularly useful as enantiomers have identical physical properties. Polarimetry thus allows for immediate evaluation of enantiomeric excess or concentration.