Filtration & Drying studies

Holodiag performs specific studies for setting effective crystallization, filtration and drying conditions.

Filtration and drying are often a bottleneck for productivity. Our expertise in the field of filtration and drying methods allows us to efficiently carry out these final steps of the crystallization process. We can thus support our customers with full crystallization process development from beginning to end.

We investigate filtration according to Darcy’s law with specific pressure measurement cells. This enables accurately determination of cake resistance and compressibility. We then adapt crystallization and filtration conditions accordingly.

Drying of a crystalline hydrate is a critical issue as the solid should be dried, meaning the remaining liquid must be removed after filtration, without being dehydrated. We therefore proceed to specific investigations of the Relative Humidity (RH) vs. temperature equilibrium, as this enables setting suitable drying conditions.